Photographer Dia K Peterson enjoys exploring downtown cities in search of the perfect gyro and is passionately committed to experiencing life’s valuable lessons through trial and mostly error. She is entirely too enthusiastic about ancient Egyptian history, the 1915 avant-garde anti-art movement, and pretending to meditate. She is an artist by nature and opportunity. When she is not obeying posted road signs and playing well with others, she is making art of the life around her.


She was a bold, spontaneous, and mildly distracted art student at University of Texas in Arlington where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Since then, she has redefined and honed the skills to create her signature musing mood portraits. Her subjects vary from human to chair, and shooting styles range from traditional to introspective. She is currently living in Minneapolis where she is becoming part of the uptown city art scene while exploring various creative mediums such as painting, installation and performance art.  She is inspired to see where this new artistic journey will lead her.

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